Well then, it may be the worst time ever to try retail, but we are giving it a crack! Having been goaded by our macGARDENS specialist pruning customers (Check out @macgardens on instagram) to not just recommend good tools, but sell them as well, we have opened our little Garden Shop in our old schoohouse. If you haven’t visited yet, we’d love to see you. Here is how to find us. 

The road widens, and on the left, we are behind the long Photina hedge and native pigface groundcover; if you get to the Napoleons General Store on the left, you’ve gone a smidge too far. We have a white country style timber gate that will be open, with a big 4780 in brass numbers on the gatepost. Feel free to park outside the gate if you prefer, but we have parking inside too. If the flag and sandwiche sign are out, we are open. If not, feel free to message or call – if we are available, we may be able to open for you, especially if you have come a long way.

👉Google Map directions here👈
4780 Colac-Ballarat Rd., Napoleons.   Ph: 0409 323394
Store open FRI-SUN 10-3. Other days, by arrangement.
Orders also by Phone & Collect, and online 24/7.

garden shop 7

Our old schoolhouse is a lovely place to work.  I have an intimate relationship with this building – the birds living in our walls, the streaming natural light through tall windows, and 16′ ceilings. Of course, it’s easy to be romatic, but I can’t lie – new extra lighting for winter time and airconditioning make it even more comfy.

There is a lot to explore, but we have places to sit, and we love garden and tool chatter, and we aren’t going anywhere in a hurry, so take your time. 🌿