We have shown you how to plant asparagus, and after 5 years, how to divide asparagus, but for most winters, maintenance and getting them ready for sleep is all you need to do, and it is very simple.

>> Fronds turn golden brown in winter <<

The summer fronds that you have left to grow out to restore strength and energy to the crowns are now dying back, turning yellow and then brown.

asparagus turns golden brown in winter
Fronds have returned energy to the crown, and are dying down for winter.

>> Cut to ground <<

When died down, cut off at ground level, Please don’t be tempted to cut green fronds, as it will starve the crown and affect plant strength. Remove other weeds or competition like volunteer plants and generally clean up the bed.

>> Feed ready for winter sleep <<

Time to feed by spreading Blood and Bone over the bed (about a trowel full sprinkled around each plant) or compost or manure if you have it (about a shovelful around each plant) . With winter rain, this will give your asparagus extra va-va-voom to punch out lots of tasty shoots in Spring.

Blood and Bone to feed asparagus
Blood and Bone sprinkled over the bed.

>> Straw blanket and kiss goodnight <<

Time to blanket the bed with 5-10cm overage of straw to keep the feed in, the crowns well covered and protected from the elements, and weeds out – I chose pea straw but any type is fine – Sugarcane mulch is a popular choice, or local hay.

Pea straw mulch tuck in the asparagus for winter. There are a few stalks left, as I had just replanted these. They will be cut off.

Look wide; grow well, folks 🌿