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Apples for breakfast

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gently cooked apple with muesli and yogurt
Apples for breakfast. Why not. With home made muesli and yogurt, it's a bonza start to the day.
Section: Breakfast
Hero: apples
Features: Easy, left-overs, Vegetarian


  • 1 whole apple organic, washed and cubed
  • 1 spoon yogurt ours is home made Greek, see notes
  • 1 serving muesli home made 'bits n pieces', see notes
  • 1 tsp honey


  • Put chopped apple with honey in a small pan on medium heat, with a spritz of water to speed things up if you like. Cook til just softened, but not mushy - about 5 min.
  • At the same time, measure out your chosen bowl serving size of meusli, put into a dry pan on low heat to toast. Watch it and stir/move so it doesn't burn. When you can smell it and the seeds begin to 'pop', you are close - about 5 min.
  • When muesli is ready, pour into a bowl, and swish the hot pan with water. It'll be clean and dry in no time as there were no oils - easy clean-up. Winner. The apple n honey pan is a quick swishtoo if not overcooked. Winner again!
  • A lovely big dollop of yogurt on top (even more if you have teenagers - haha).


  • Apples can be replaced with just about any fruit in season. We have this easy breakfast with peach, pear, plums, berries - whatever is in a glut.
  • Muesli we use our own 'bits n pieces' mix. It is the same mix I use to make apple crumble, with butter and sugar added of course. Super easy and yum. 
  • Yogurt can be any flavour, but we think Greek or natural is best. The Thermomix Basic Green book recipe for yogurt - the pot set variation - is our favourite.