Giving new ideas a crack

Every year we experiment with new ideas. We have plenty of failures, but sometimes we slam dunk a winner. This year, we’re pushing the zucchini envelope. 

As you know, we grow our zucchinis vertically and usually use stakes and cotton ties to keep them up and encourage air circulation. These were planted in October, and are just starting to form up their female flowers and grow on extra leaves.
Here is the experiment – if we use a strong frame to tie them up, and trim off the extra leaves below the lowest fruit right from the start, is it possible to plant twice as many in the same space and still have enough air around them? Hmmm..
In october, we planted these zucchini double spaced. Usually, we would pick the strongest to go with and remove the others. This year, they can all stay. There is a plan.

✂️ Trim n Tie 🧶

STEP 1: Cut off the lower leaves below the lowest fruit/flowers. At this young stage, they will be the ones that are laying on the soil. We will ensure the plant has at least three leaves on, to photosynthesise properly. As the plants grow taller, we will keep them trimmed down lower. 

STEP 2: When tall enough to reach the support frame, we will tie up with the usual cotton ties. Let’s see how it goes. We will report back later in summer.

🌼 All female flowers

If you have just started growing zucchini, have patience. You may notice that the first flowers are all female – they have mini zucchinis attached. The males have just a stem. Don’t panic if there are none of those yet. Sometimes that happens at the start of the season. At home, we pick off all the extra female flowers and eat them – stuffed zucchini flowers

Before long, you’ll have plenty of both male and female flowers, and soon after, zucchinis aplenty.

Look wide; grow well, folks 🌿